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Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana Essay Composing

Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana Essay
The drug medical marijuana is probably one of the most widely questionable drug in America. Since the early 1900s, marijuana – or cannabis, as it is officially recognized to the U.S. government – has been regulated, taxed, and finally illegalized. Since the illegalization of medical marijuana, however, movements have already been in place to have the narcotic legalized for numerous causes.

The bonus with using marijuana for medical reason is, it assists in easing the pain, and de-stresses them so they can get pleasure from the rest of their life. For those terminally ill people the marijuana also makes them joyful and enjoyable to be around.
The problem is that after smoking marijuana cigarettes for a lengthy period of time the greater part of the patients will develop lung cancer.
Even so, it is extremely complicated to see what the benefits really are, law enforcement claims that criminalizing medical marijuana will decrease the number of accidents involving people under the effect of marijuana, minimize problems of violence caused by intoxication of the drug, greatly reduce the quantity of medicine dependents and reduce the health problem that occurs with the use of marijuana.
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