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Using Words to Pages Converter to Get Better Grades on Papers

When you are asked to write a ten-page paper, this may seem like an enormous amount of work, but the reality is that you can write much less than you have assumed initially and still fill ten pages. It is all about using the right font, font size and spacing. How do you get the trick to work? The use of words to pages converter will be truly invaluable.

Simple and Functional Tool
Words to Pages Converter

The job of the converter is to show you how many pages a certain amount of words will take given the type of font which is used and the font size and spacing. You can experiment with these three categories as much as you want. The tool is extremely easy to use. It is also very easily accessible online.

Use the converter to figure out how to write the least amount of words and still fill the number of pages that your teacher requires. Did you know that when you write in Times New Roman 12, 1000 words will fill two pages if you use single spacing and three pages if you use double spacing? If you replace this font with Verdana and keep the font size and double spacing, you can spread the same amount of words over four pages.

It is more than useful to be able to convert words to pages automatically without having to tweak a Word document over and over again. When you do this before you start writing a paper, you will be able to plan the amount of time that you will put in the assignment in advance. You will be able to complete it more quickly and have sufficient time for other things such as preparing for a test and going out with your friends.

Multiple Applications

You will benefit from using this tool when you order custom papers from Essayhave as well. You will be able to calculate precisely how many pages to order given the requirements of your teacher. You will not have to worry about getting a very short essay or one which is longer than needed. You will have peace of mind that the work will be completed in the fastest possible manner and that you will pay no more than you have to.

When you use the words to pages calculator, you should remember to read the explanations that accompany it. This will help you to get the most accurate result and to avoid surprises.
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