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Programming in Python

Programming Help in Python.

If you start programming, in addition to learning a bunch of textbooks with theory, you need practice. Therefore, from the beginning of training there was a question of what to write. In my chosen self-study guide on Android there are a few homework assignments, but not after each lesson (after 5 lessons I found only one).
And these assignments are not memorable in any way, completely boring. Form an array of numbers, multiply them by 5 and display the result on the screen - there was something like that. You do it and immediately forget it.

So where do you get problems that won't immediately make you feel discouraged? I came up with three ways:

To invent the problem by myself (it is difficult, if you don't understand programming at all).

Take problems from the school programming Olympiad (difficult to the square, but if you solve them, you will get +100 to morale).

find a first-year programming textbook (a bit boring, but...).

Here's an idea how to make the last of these points more fun. If you are a first year student or a high school student learning programming, or maybe a friend of such a student / high school student, and you have a problem to write in Python, then drop it in the comments. I'll try to solve it and get some practice + help you in parallel. Personally, it will be more fun for me and useful for you.)

If there won't be any volunteers, I'll address the first two points.

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